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FeedRollers.com is a division of Wood Tech Enterprises,
now celebrating over 20 years supplying moulder and grinding services
& tooling to the wood working tooling industry!

FEEDWORKS was born out of our customer’s need for a supplier that not only could fill their feed roller needs, but that could also come up with innovative solutions to many of today’s unique feeding problems.

Twenty years of experience in solving both technical and design applications has enabled us to provide not only cost-effective products, but the capabilities of producing custom manufactured roller configurations at off-the-shelf pricing! Plus our customer service is second to none; we’re a family owned and operated business serving customers of all shapes and sizes.

We specialize in the manufacturing of feed rollers for woodworking machinery; however, we have made rollers for other industries as well. What sets FEEDWORKS apart from our competition is our unique scope of sheer product range! Whether it’s a urethane, steel tooth, knurled steel , bearing mounted, shaft mounted or some other style of replacement roller we’ll have you “up and rolling” in no time! We can provide hold downs, track pads, pressure show material and replacement bandsaw tires as well. Maybe your application is simply having your old feed roller or tire serviced and recovered or resharpened to bring it back into service: we have you “covered” there as well.

We can provide rollers for moulders, power stock feeders, planers, edgebanders, bandsaws, hold downs, and other roller needs. In addition we handle chipbreaker & pressure shoes to further cover your needs.

You can see why our motto is FEEDWORKS – “We’re On-A-Roll!” Let us go to work for you today and “Feed your Roller Needs.”

GRINDERS -  As the Grinderman's choice for meeting one-stop tooling needs, we offer a large line of tooling for these profile grinders:
  • Weinig Rondamat Grinders
  • SCMI/Foley 75-12 and 746 Grinders
  • Wadkin Visage, NV300, Silhouette Grinders
  • Schneeberger Sculptor Grinder
  • Diehl Grinders
  • And others including Stehle, Toolset, United
MOULDERS:   A complete line of expendable tooling for the following moulders creates a one-stop online shopping experience for mouldermen worldwide:
  • Weining Moulders
  • SCM Moulders
  • Watkin Moulders
  • Diehl Accumould Moulder
  • Mattison Moulders
  • IIDA Molders
  • And others
  • Large Inventory: We stock more profile grinding wheels, corrugated knife stock, and jointer stones than anyone worldwide.
  • Repair Services: Cutterhead Repair and rebalancing, Wanner Grease Gun Repair
  • Grinding Services: Ground-to-Pattern Profile knives: Corrugated Back, Williams & Hussey, Belsaw, and many others.
  • Insert Tools: custom made insert toolings and custom ground insert knives.
  • Template Services: Custom made templates to your specifications.
  • Sharpening Services: Metal Feed Rollers and other insert knives,
  • Delivery: Same day shipping from stock on orders placed before 3:00 p.m. EST.

We don't sell machinery, therefore we can offer an unbiased opinion on machine performance: both before and after.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. "Just what the doctor ordered for your moulder and grinder tooling needs." Over 70 years of composite experience in the industry.
  • Most competitive prices in the industry
  • Largest Selection
  • Fast and Friendly Service
  • Just in time delivery off the shelf on most items
  • A Real Person Answers the Phone Every Time!
  • Spare parts
  • Troubleshooting machine problems
Cost effective solutions for your tooling requirements.


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Skeffington, UK LE7 9YE